How quickly can 2 months go by. Time flies when you are having fun, now changed to: time flies when you are in survival mode.

Never has each and every individual, businessman and leader being tested both emotionally and financially... a Wise man told me: Finances are always emotional.
With pride I can report that the GTCoC was once again the silver lining of a very dark cloud, and we are fully functional on various platforms, as you the member can see from this bi-monthly newsletter.
Unfortunately, a few members feel that we do not do enough, and voiced their concerns about the GTCoC and executives impact and relevance in these uncertain times.

I would like to this opportunity to invite all members to contact me personally with ideas, support offering and creative solutions to support our members even more. I further invite anybody to spend a day with Klippies and check his efficiency, or a day with Alice and feed thousands every day. Maybe you want to sit with Erik and make the NPCÔs finances look better than any previous CFO or help Olivia to get national and international funding for our Chamber and region.
Spend a day with Hannes in his fight to help Sasolburg Businesses, Hester in creating moneymaking platforms for the Chamber, Shayne in supplying information on Emfuleni and Sedibeng decision making. Maybe help Tessa with our first focus stream forum setup. Lastly join Stefan in guiding the Chamber to change whilst remembering our history.

Alternatively run one of these executive members businesses, so they can do more for GTCoC.

My advice or rather plea to each member is that now more than ever, the question is:
What can I do for the Chamber instead of what can the Chamber do for me. It is time that all businessmen and women stand up and make a change towards an uncertain future...what better platform to make that change, than the GTCoC.
With executives already fighting for survival in their own businesses - we need members that reach out and ask a simple question:
What can I do?
Stay positive, stay active, make a difference!

Jaco Verwey 



What a time of change, uncertainty and overall chaos. A Time where the smartest between us, believe NOTHING will ever be the same again, and that new parameters of normal will have to be created.
Of all the wise saying I heard during Lock-Down (together with the endless WhatApps, tweet, memes and more), the most powerful was:
“Don’t miss the opportunity that lies within every disaster”
This was an opportunity to cleanse our minds, our businesses and our homes, and start building the new normal step by step, day by day.
We as the C-Level trust you, your loved ones and your business, is not only surviving, but healthy and geared up to strive in this, the new normal.
The Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce did not only hit the road running during lock-down, there was never time for down-time in lock-down. 
Onwards to level 3 troop...

Jaco Verwey


The Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce is a multi-sectorial business organization that has won several awards over the past 50 years. It has been awarded the Best Business Chamber in South Africa award for THREE consecutive years and focus on creating networking opportunities and unity in the business community...


The Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce can create a voice for your business in the Vaal triangle area. All businesses involved in the Chamber of Commerce benefit equally from new opportunities and relevant information. It has a long term vision to walk the extra mile with you.

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